✤ Artist Statement
✤ Latest Works
Ilke Sahin (b. 1992, Istanbul) is in the first year of her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) at Goldsmiths University in London, UK. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Architecture from Istanbul Technical University.

She blends various mediums such as sculpture, installation, film, photography, and verbal elements into her artistic narrative. Her work is rooted in a profound exploration of tactility, haptics, and particularly, the experiences of the human skin – the wounds, scabs, and traces. A fascination with the ontological processes of wounds is evident, embodying layers that transcend physical trauma, illness, and healing.

She is intrigued by the qualities of objects and materials while searching/ examining/ experimenting with them under the concepts she borrows from the phenomenology of perception and object-oriented ontology. That process begins with an intimate interaction with diverse materials, exploring their unique interrelations until she finds resonance and inspiration within these vibrant, materialistic dialogues that reveal and visualise unconventional perspectives of the wounded and the wound itself.

A recent addition to her studio wall – a research paper – explores the intriguing connection between social and physical pain. The assertion, ‘When our hearts are metaphorically broken, the same neural pathways are activated as when we suffer physical injuries,’ aligns with the artist’s examination of wounds. Through her hyper-observational experiments, Ilke seeks a parallelism between the psychological and physical dimensions. Engaging with her chosen materials—metal sheets, calcium chloride, paper, felt, and liquid foam—she acknowledges their capacity for change, interaction, and agency. Recognizing these materials as active participants in the artistic process, Ilke values their unique histories of interaction and relationship.